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Wall Pockets
Wall Pockets
Assorted woods, acrylic and milk paints
Various lengths: approximately 2" x 3" x 11" - 39"

Vide poche: To empty one's pockets.
The French of course have this term for the very civilized small bowls that catch one's pocket contents. There is a certain mental unloading that goes with the physical striping of the outside world as one removes the coat, the sunglasses, the case, the keys, and finally empties the pockets when coming home.

"Wall Pockets" serve as designated places for these pocket contents, such as keys, change, lipstick, sunglasses, etc. The long, narrow scoop of "Wall Pocket" provides a tidy dish that clings to the wall in entries and hallways. Having a wall pocket near the front door, the bed, or the sink grants a special, known place to these small but essential items. If you are tired of hearing (or saying) "Honey, have you seen my keys?", it is probably time for your own custom Wall Pockets.