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Studio Process: Constructing the "Trees"
Studio Process: Constructing the "Trees"
Reclaimed broken wood furniture
Dimensions Vary

Currently, my research is pushing into new directions, investigating and incorporating a more dynamic approach to practice that centers on process as a means of conveying movement and life in the work. In order to achieve my work, I frequently appropriate a range of techniques and materials that supplement and strengthen my fluency in woodworking and furniture-making techniques. In 2013, in making work for my exhibit “Re-forestation: How To Make A Tree From A Chair” (Craft ACT exhibit at CMAG cube), and for a Canberra National Arboretum commission (Circuit), I was able to work very directly and responsively with reclaimed timber. I had done that in only a few pieces prior (Push & Climb, Lift), and these pieces have a spryness that seems to get partially frozen out in the pieces where the design is planned and pre-determined from the beginning.