Feral: Re-Wilding Furniture 2015 > Research and Process for Feral

Constructing Feral 2015 (V1)
digital time lapse

This time lapse documents a part of the process in Eriksmoen's Practice-led Research in developing her body of work "Feral: Rewilding Furniture" (2015).
Ashley Jameson Eriksmoen was the 2015 (S-2) Windgate Fellowship Artist-in-Residence at San Diego State University’s School of Art + Design Furniture Design & Woodworking Program.
Her work addresses the gap between the living world and the built world, suggesting animate and sentient qualities in constructed furnituresque objects. Eriksmoen’s work also addresses issues of sustainability, natural resources, consumerism, and waste as they relate to furniture production. In her current body of work, Feral: Rewilding Furniture, Eriksmoen utilises discarded wooden furniture, reconfiguring components into unlikely, mutated forms reminiscent of tropical flora and fauna. The structural mash-ups, derived from a primordial soup of abandoned wood furniture parts, will occupy and re-wild the modern interior, challenging Cartesian notions of order, utility, and the planned universe.