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Requiem for Black Cockatoo (2021)
Requiem for Black Cockatoo
Salvaged wood furniture, vinegar and tea patina, oil finish
77 x 35 x 40cm

Through my practice of appropriating discarded timber furniture from the tip and kerbs to make artworks, I address the connection between consumerism and habitat loss.
Requiem for black cockatoo juxtaposes detritus of consumer culture with the hidden costs of deforestation, including reductions of wildlife habitat. Tree hollow availability is the critical limiting factor on Australian bird populations. Thus, hollow scarcity has threatened or endangered many native species.
The fossil-like Requiem for black cockatoo addresses the perceptual disconnect between unquenchable desire for new product, a voracious need for natural resources, an uncritical stance toward waste, and collateral damage to ecosystems.